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Water Resistant, Dust Tight, Corrosion Resistant Fixtures

NEMA 4X & 4/12 Fixtures - Water/Corrosion Resistant & Dust Tight
Elevator Systems Everywhere!
Buildings all over the world need elevator equipment designed to prevent moisture, corrosion and dust from destroying them.  CJA equipment can be found on elevators everywhere, from the largest cities in the world, to the smallest towns in the USA.  Some buildings, locations and industries request our equipment because of its dependability and ease of installation.
CJA equipment is used almost exclusively in many industries, here are a few examples of those places
• Power Generating Plants
• Paper Processing Facilities
• Housing Authorities
• Sugar Mills
• Transit Systems
• Parking Garages
• Factories
• Passenger & Freight Elevators
• Exposed Hoistways & Elevators
• Tower Lifts
• Breweries
• Universities
• Shipboard Elevators
• Baseball Ballparks

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We manufacture custom products each and every day. Please call us with your specific requirements.
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Elevator Flood Protection
Devices to help protect your elevator from floods.
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