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Surface Mount VRT-1000

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Item Number: 637-201-S
This unit is ideal as an upgrade in any elevator with an existing telephone cabinet or as an addition to any CJA new Car Station or Telephone Cabinet. 
This unit is NOT NEMA 4X, but it is protected when installed in a Telephone Cabinet!
Product Features
  • Stainless Steel Seamless Enclosure
  • Telephone Line Powered
  • Adjustable Volume and Microphone Setting
  • Perfect for any NEMA 4X Cabinet  
Unit dimensions: 8.25" Tall x 3.875 Wide x 2.25" Deep (Surface Mount)

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VRT-1000 Telephone Programming Guide
1. From another phone, dial the number of the ADA  phone.
2. ADA phone will come on line after one ring.
3. When ADA phone comes on line, wait five seconds and enter security code 1,2,3,4,5,6.
4. Enter primary number to be called from ADA phone, followed by  #0,0
5. You should hear two beeps.
6. Enter secondary number followed by #0,1
7. You should hear two beeps.
8. Enter *4 to start voice message recording. You have 10 seconds to record message. Pushing any key stops the recording.
9. Enter ADA phone I.D. number followed by #2,0.
10. Hang up.
Your ADA phone is now programmed.
Telephone MUST BE CONNECTED to a dedicated telephone line!







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