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Switch Type Selector System Includes: 5 Normally Open Contacts and 3 Switch Trees

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This is an option if elevator car sway is a problem and is causing tape guides to be worn out.  We provide five switched with normally opened contacts that activate when they hit one foot long stationary cams.
This system is fool proof and allows slow down and elevator leveling features for any elevator.  Simply mount the switches shown in the picture on your elevator and mount stationary cams at each landing.
*The NEMA 1, NEMA 4/12, and Hazardous Location C1D2 System includes 5 C-9 Limit Switches and 3 Switch Trees.  The Hazardous Location NEMA 7/9 System includes 5 NEMA 7/9 Limit Switches and 3 Switch Trees.
**Note that you need three cams for each intermediate landing and two per terminal landing.  Please specify the number of landings on your elevator so we can make sure the correct number of cams are provided.
If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link, or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.
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