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SR Door Interlock RH

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This Interlock has two contacts, wired in series together as part of the safety circuit.  The upper is the door contact, the lower is the locking contact which is both electrical and mechanical.  The interlock mounts on the door jam or frame inside the hoistway.  The locking latch mounts to the inside door edge.  When the door is closed the upper (door) contact is made.  When the retiring cam is retracted the bottom contact is made and the solid brass hook catches behind the locking bar, mechanically locking the door.
When the car stops at a floor the retiring cam pushes the release roller, mechanically unlocking the door and opening the bottom electrical contact. When the door is opened the top contact drops by gravity. Although this is designed for use with a retiring cam it can be used with a stationary cam.
For emergency release a CJA Lunar Key with Escutcheon Plate can be used, or an EB or KEB.  These are surface mounted emergency boxes with covers- either with a glass cover or a lockable metal cover.
*When ordering specify hand. The hand is determined by standing inside the elevator looking out. The side on which the lock is to be mounted (Left or Right) is the hand to be ordered.
  • All Solid Cast Parts
  • Heavy Duty Contacts
  • 250 Volts AC or DC
  • Self Wiping Contacts
  • Adjustable Roller Arm

*Click here for the CJA SR Elevator Door Interlock General Installation Guide

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