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RSB - Door Interlock

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This Interlock has two contacts, one for each door, wired in series together as part of the safety circuit.  These contacts are made when the doors are closed.  The interlock mounts horizontally on the top center jamb where the doors meet.  Each door has a locking bar assembly vertically mounted, consisting of a bar and a locking hook latch.  When the door is closed the locking hook latch engages the door contact drive, mechanically latching the door, and closes that door contact.  When both doors are closed and latched the elevator is set to run.  When the roller assembly leaves the stationary cam the safety link rotates into the hook latch assembly on the active door preventing door opening while the car is in motion.

When the car stops at a floor, the stationary cam pushes the roller assembly, unlatching the safety link. When the door bars are manually lifted, they release the hook latch assembly and the doors can be opened.
Emergency release of the interlock is made with a KEB pull chain and box. 
When ordering specify hand.  The hand is determined by standing inside the elevator looking out.  The side on which the zone control is to be mounted (left or right) is the hand to be ordered. 
A data sheet showing door height, width, thickness, running clearance, corner offsets and depth of jamb must accompany the order.
These interlocks can be made with hermetically sealed contacts for NEMA 4, 12 (water/dust resistant), or NEMA 9 (hazardous location) applications.
 • All Solid Cast Parts
 • Heavy Duty Contacts
 • 250 Volts AC or DC
 • Self Wiping Contacts


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