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Original Replication Service

Replication Services
We get many requests to recreate fixtures that have already been installed. Sometimes refurbishment is not an option due to the material
used to cast the casting. There was a time when all cast products were cast iron and plated gold.
If you have a period piece and would like us to duplicate it we can do so. If you’re able to provide the original we’ll make a pattern from
that and recast it. Note that when doing this the replicated piece will actually be smaller in overall size, about 1/4” to 1/2”.

Dial Indicator Reproductions
This is a very popular choice when clients request dial indicators that are already installed in a building. You send us one original and
 we’ll make a new unit using your original.
Custom Castings
We work with a few different pattern makers that are extremely talented at transforming your ideas into actual cast products. While this
is a a more expensive route to go  we do have the capabilities to create custom patterns for your project.

Sand Casting
All of our Classic Fixtures are Sand Cast. This means that there may be small imperfections in the metal that make each piece a one of
a kind and unique.

Materials Available
• Yellow Brass
• Antiqued Yellow Brass
• Bronze
• Antiqued Bronze
• Aluminum

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Replication Services
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Replication Services
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