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NEMA 4X Pit Float Switch

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Item Number: 51101-PF
After a tragic death where a person drowned in an elevator during tropical storm Allison in Houston, TX, pit float switches have been
specified on more elevators nationwide.  
The Elevator Pit Float Switch is designed to close a contact when the water float is activated, 3/4” throw required to activate sensor.
Please note that this device is simply a water sensor contact and does NOT contain the logic, circuitry, relays to actually run the elevator. You may need to add relays or additional circuitry to your controller in order for pit flood service to work correctly.
Steps that should happen if water is sensed in the pit and this device is activated should include the following based on our recommendation.
Recommended Operation
With pit flood device mounted 1”-2” from pit floor the following sequence of operations should occur.
CJA Controllers from 2010 and above have Pit Flood Circuitry Built In.
           1. Pit Flood Sensor Rises and Closes Contact.
           2.  Closing Contact Connects Back To Controller
           3.  Elevator Runs To Top Floor, Doors Open and Stay Open
           4.  All Hall Calls and Car Floor Buttons are Disabled
           5.  Fault Code On Controller Pit Flood Cannot be Cleared Until Elevator Is Checked By Mechanic/Inspector.
IMPORTANT NOTE:  The sequence of operation mentioned above is something that 2010 and newer CJA Elevator Control Systems have built into the programming. If your controller is older and/or manufactured by another company, it may not be able to perform the tasks indicated above. We recommend that at the very least you are able to add relays so that the elevator runs to the top floor if the float switch is activated and stays at the top floor, disabling all car and hall calls until the elevator can be inspected by a trained elevator mechanic. 
Product Features
Control Interface Options
0.40A @ 240 VAC • 0.20A @ 120 VDC
0.50A @ 120 VAC • 0.50A @ 24 VDC
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