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NEMA 1 Custom Car Station with HHR Illuminated Buttons

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CJA takes pride in manufacturing the best products in the elevator industry!  If you are looking for a custom style elevator fixture then C.J. Anderson & Company is the only choice you need to make.  We specialize in custom fixture products and will work with you from start to finish ensuring that the fixture has everything that you want. 


NEMA 4X Stations includes Stainless Steel Cover Plates, Enclosures and Buttons.  Custom engraving is available, including Arrows, Words, Pictograph, Logos and Instructions. 


The Hall Station shown above is a Custom Flush Mount Hall Station that features Illuminated HHR Pushbuttons.  Terminal Hall Stations are also available with these buttons, along with additional components such as key switches, engraving or Digital Position Indicators.


The HHR Pushbutton was the number one pushbutton sold and used from the 1940's to the 1980's.  They are injected molded, these dependable buttons offer engraved and filled markings of your choice.  The material is White Lucite with a Black center area.  The button diameter is 1" and the White area of the button is white translucent material.


Additional features, models, mounting styles (Flush or Surface Mount) and voltages are available.  


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or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.

CJA Car Station Features

Lockable Service Cabinet - Can feature anything you need, such as duplex outlet, toggles for running the elevator, and special key switches.


Security Cameras - We can provide security cameras for safety purposes. Mounting the camera in the car station can make the elevator a safer place to travel. The cameras can be hooked into almost any building security system or work as a stand alone system. Mount them in your hall stations too for extra protection.


Digital Position Indicators - One line per floor or serial link. You choose. Mount them in your hall stations too.


Plasma Screen - Show floor marking, car direction, date and time, custom messages and logos upon request.  These updated displays offer the newest in display technology.


Fire Service Package - Includes Phase II Key Switch for National Code, Fire Service Lens, Call Cancel Button, Buzzer and engraved Fire Service Instructions. We can accommodate your local code upon request. Just let us know when quoting your project and we’ll make sure it’s included.


Key Switches - Unlimited quantity and for any function. Light, Fan, Beam, Lockout etc. You name it we’ll provide it.


Keypass Access - Security with a keypad, card or key.  In today’s age, this is vital to the protection of the tenants or condo owners and where extra security is required.


Special Engraving - Any type of engraving such as Capacity,  No Smoking, Elevator or Building Number, special logos, etc.


Intercom Systems - Elevator to machine room or security station our elevator intercom system is simple to install and wire. No programming required.


Voice Annunciators - For complete ADA Compliance, we can customize each unit to your project parameters. We can also include programming for custom messages such as unique floor names.


Emergency Light - Our EL100 provides light during power outage. Two fluorescent bulbs illuminate your largest elevator cab. If one bulb burns out, the other one still works. This self contained unit provides 6VDC battery backup with trickle charger. It automatically illuminates he alarm button and provides power to the 6VDC alarm bell.


ADA Telephone - Self contained our VRT1000 requires only a phone line to operate. In the event of a power outage the telephone will continue to function. Programming is easy and straightforward. 


Floor Buttons - Stainless steel pushbbuttons, UL listed contact blocks and your choice of illumination: Incandescent, LED or Neon. VX stainless steel buttons rest on top of the coverplate which makes sure that any excessive force directed at the pushbutton is absorbed by the coverplate.


Braille Tags - Mounted and sealed in recessed pockets insures that they’re not going anywhere.


Telephone Cabinet - Let your customer provide the telephone or we can, either a handset or hands free unit.


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