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Magna-Track Selector System - 5 Sensors

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Item Number: 636-530
Our Magna-Track Selector System is the FIRST and ONLY NEMA 7/9 magnetic tape leveling system on the market today.  Similar to any standard Tape Type Selector, this unit packs a punch when it comes to Heavy Duty environments!
It is manufactured in compliance with the NEC code for Class 1, Division 1 Hazardous Locations. It utilizes 3” wide stainless steel tape.
We provide three magnets for each intermediate floor on your elevator and two magnets for terminal landings.
There are three lanes, one for up slow down, one for down slow down and a center lane for Level Up, Door Zone and Level Down.
This Magnetic Sensor System is 100% solid state and comes with Magnets, Tape and Tape Holders.  Provides Door Zone, Level Up, Level Down and Up/Down Slow Downs.
Unit comes with 100 feet of tape if additional is required please add $3.00 for each additional foot of tape.
*Specify the number of landings and travel of car when ordering.  Note one additional sensor can be added upon request if a secondary Door Zone Sensor is required. Please contact the company who might be providing your controller to ensure that this system will properly work with the controller that you're purchasing. If it's a CJA controller you're all set.
**Note that shipping costs will be determined at the time of shipping due to various lengths and the total weight of the stainless steel tape.
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