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Heat Sentry Shunt Trip Device

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The Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, ASME A17.1( specifies that means shall be provided to automatically disconnect the main line power supply upon or prior to the application of water from sprinklers located in the machine room or in the hoistway.  However, the code does not address the issue of what to do with the passengers in the car.

To perform this automatic disconnect while providing the means to release passengers C. J. Anderson has developed the Heat Detector Emergency Recall Power Disconnect system, called the Heat Sentry.

This system is independent of the sprinkler and smoke detector systems.  It is designed to senses a heat rise of 15 degrees F per minute or a temperature in excess of 135 F., which in all likely hood indicates a fire.  Once this heat rise or excessive temperature is detected the system will automatically disconnect the main line power supply, after a pre-determined period of time.  This period of time can be the time (1) required to activate Phase 1 Emergency Recall Operation and bring the elevator to the main landing, (2) to stop the car at the next landing and open the doors, (3) complete the normal return to the main landing, or (4) for immediate shutdown   In effect, what ever you feel is the best option for your particular elevator arrangement.

This system utilizes rate of rise and fixed temperature detectors installed in the machine room (one detector covers approximately a 2500 square feet area) and wired to the Heat Sentry.  This is a water proof enclosure containing an automatic main line disconnect contactor with manual reset, a timer and four normally open and four normally closed contacts.  These contacts can be used for a variety of purposes, such as to for a signal to active phase 1 or other control features, as well as for an alarm bell or any audio or visual alerts. 

The Heat Sentry allows you to be in compliance with the code while providing for passenger evacuation. 

These units are large and MUST ship on a pallet via truck service. 

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