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The GF Hall or Car Station can be customized to have as many or as few pushbuttons that you require.
DC Rated Fixtures
Back in the day it was very common to run 220 - 480 Volts directly to Pushbutton Contact Blocks.  DC Voltage was more common and fixtures needed to withstand that kind of voltage.
For repair replacement projects we can provide a High Voltage solution to your antiqued elevator needs.
Our Original documents have these GF Pushbutton stations rated at 600 Volts or less, AC or DC.
Fixture manufactures of today DO NOT manufacture equipment to withstand this voltage, EXCEPT FOR US!
Let us know what your requirements are in terms of features and let us prepare a drawing for you.  Pushbuttons are solid black and do not light up.
You do have an option to keeping that old elevator going!  If you can't get repair parts for pushbuttons that are currently installed, replace them with GF Fixtures from C.J. Anderson & Company!
Our manufacturing capabilities allow us total control.  CNC Milling Machines, Engravers, Plasma Cutters and Waterjet Machines allow us to take your design concept and turn it into reality.  You tell us what you want and we'll make it!
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