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F-4 Leveling Switch

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Leveling Zone Switches up to 250 Volts AC or DC
The F-4 Leveling Switch, also Patented January 1, 1924, has the same simple design and dependability as the F-3. The difference is the F-4 is strictly a Leveling Zone or Inching Switch. 
An F-4 is mounted on the elevator car or platform. The switch is mechanical and spring loaded, operating off of a stationary cam at each landing. The F-4 has two normally open contacts, each one activated by a roller. When the car stops at the floor the cam forces the roller down causing the contact to be made. When the cam hits the other roller it causes that contact to be made. If both rollers are depressed at the same time making both contacts, it signifies that the car is in the leveling zone and the brake sets to hold the car. If only one roller is depressed the car will re-level or level in the direction of the open contact, stopping when that contact is made. This assures that the car is level within the adjustable zone of the switch.
These are cast aluminum enclosures with sturdy cast brass contact levers and contacts designed to work at up to 250 volts AC or DC. The rollers are mounted on brackets adjustable in increments of 3/16”. The stationary carbon and copper contacts are heavy duty, long lived, and reversible.
      • Cast Aluminum Enclosure
      • Easy Roller adjusting
      • Adjustable Rollers
      • Can be mounted two different ways
*Note: Hazardous Location Models have Hermetically Sealed contacts.
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