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Elevator Controllers

For almost a century C.J. Anderson & Company has been manufacturing controllers for both national and international markets. As a pioneer in the field CJA has manufactured thousands of controllers, from tiller rope and car switch to the present day microprocessor. With this vast number of controllers in the field most elevator constructors or mechanics are familiar with CJA’s design, operation and construction. It is our policy to retain the familiar design principles while incorporating modern technology into the control systems.

Elevator Control Systems                                                                                                       
CJA’s objective is to utilize the best available technology, equipment selection and design which will suit the contractor’s needs for performance and cost. This includes the selection of the processor, computer software, programming, control equipment, drives, relays, resistors, etc. which go into the final design. The overriding goal of the entire system is that the final product must be reliable and cost effective.

Reliability is insured by pre-adjusting at CJA’s factory and then completely testing the finished product prior to shipping. Cost effectiveness is realized by ease of installation, adjustment and maintenance after completion.

Since 1910
With the advent of computer logic into the elevator industry there have been a vast number of new companies promoting their control systems. Many of these new companies no longer exist. With C.J. Anderson Control Systems you have the assurance that technical assistance, wiring diagrams and replacement parts will be available for years to come. With CJA you enjoy the benefits of “today’s systems” coupled with years of proven reliability, and the confidence that we will be here in the future.

Controller Applications
All of the controllers shown can be manufactured to meet the following standards.
Water Resistant
Hazardous Location
Dust Proof

Replacing Like For Like 
While replacing a like for like controller isn't always the best route to go and it certainly won't provide a better ride it will help in allowing the building owner replace controller components with non proprietary ones should the elevator controller break down. We specialize in these kinds of projects after fires, or when wiring diagrams and components are no longer available. Call us toll free to find out what your options are.  
Quotation Information
For a speedy quotation just call or fax us your general specification requirements. There is a quotation form in our product catalog. Just fill it out and fax it back to us. We will complete your quotation and fax it back to you. Information that we require in order to provide a quotation includes; Motor Horsepower, Voltage, Number of Landings, Speed of Elevator, Capacity, Type of Elevator, Traction, Hydraulic, etc. You can e-mail us this information for a quick quotation.

Wiring Diagrams
Each controller sold comes with wiring diagrams. If you should need wiring diagrams in the future we catalog all controller jobs by job name, number, installer and location.

UL Classified
Each controller is UL Classified to provide you with total protection. The best equipment and technical support in the industry will give you the best controller you can possibly have.
Many Types To Choose From
ACRT Control Systems
Our elevator control systems for Reduced Torque Control for both one and two-speed AC Motors are a low priced solution for low speed AC elevator systems 25 -50 feet per minute. They are custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications. It provides smooth acceleration and stops the elevator using the elevator brake.  Again, ideal for slower speed elevators.  Note that the ELEVATOR Starts Softly but STOPS on the brake.

ACVF Control Systems
Our Elevator Control Systems for Variable Voltage Variable Frequency Flux Drive for AC Motors are designed for AC motor based elevators with speeds under 600 feet per minute. They come factory pre-adjusted and ready for quick, easy installation. They also provide smooth acceleration and deceleration as well as multiple adjustable speeds. Custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications.

HYDRO Control Systems
Our elevator control systems for Hydraulic Elevators are economical and easy to adjust and install. Custom designed and manufactured to meet all of your specifications. Click here for a C.J. Anderson & Company Quotation Form  
If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link  

or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.  

Shunt Trip Control
Shut power down in the machine room before the sprinklers go on!
Controller Parts - Carbons, Coppers, Coils, Shunts
Old CJA Controller Parts, Carbons, Coppers, Shunts, Coils
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