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Elevator Controllers

Elevator Controllers
Since 1910 C.J. Anderson  & Company has been manufacturing elevator controllers. Explosion Proof Applications are our specialty.                                                   
 NEMA 7 Design &                                 
• Cast Copper Free Aluminum
• NEMA 4 Option Available
• Class 1, Div. 1 & 2 
  Groups - A,  B, C & D
• Class II, Div. 1 & 2
  Groups - E, F & G
• Class III , Division 1 & 2
• NEMA 3, 4, 7 & 9

Purged Cabinets
If you have a purged line throughout the building you may be able to utilize it and use a NEMA 4/12 or 4X cabinet instead of a NEMA 7. Purging devices pump a continuous supply of air into the cabinet and creates more pressure inside the cabinet than outside.
Available for both Class 1, Division 2 and Class 1, Division 1 this option is one that might be preferable to the traditional NEMA 7 Cabinet option.
Controller Types
VVVF Variable Voltage Variable Frequency
For traction elevators traveling faster than 100 FPM. Solid State controls, dynamic braking and force guided relays make our controllers the most solid state in the industry. For elevators that are under 150 feet per minute no encoder feedback from the motor is required. For speeds 150 feet per minute and above we recommend that you use encoder feedback. We can provide a new motor and encoder for your elevator system along with a new controller.
RTC-1 - Soft Start For One Speed Motors
For traction elevators that travel less than 90 FPM. With this system, stopping of the elevator occurs when the elevator comes to the floor and the door zone sensor is activated. The brake sets and the elevator stops.  The slower the elevator elevator travels the better this controller stops. Motor control is by Power Electronics Smooth Control or soft start from one of the other soft start manufacturers.
RTC-2 - Soft Start For Two Speed Motors
For traction elevators with speeds less than 180 feet per minute. This is a very good alternative for older elevators. Soft start units are controlled by the Power Electronics 2 Speed Smooth Move. It slowly ramps up into the first motor winding and then the second and it also has the ability to slow down when a selector is added to your elevator. We can provide this as a PLC Based system or relay logic without Fire Service for repair or like for like replacements.
Hydraulic - Soft Start, Wye Delta or SOL
Our CJA controllers for hydraulic projects are ideal for direct replacement or new installations and have solid state industry type PLC and components that are readily available and off the shelf in the event of a shut down. Available with Soft Start, Wye Delta or Straight Accross The Line, we can build a controller to meet your specifications.
VVVF Line Regen
Line Regeneration with elevator controllers is being specified for more and more projects. Instead of energy transforming into heat when the elevator stops and dissipating into a resistor bank, the energy that’s created when the elevator stops gets pushed back into the AC line through a REGEN unit. The upfront cost associated with line regenerative drives is more than a traditional VVVF controller. However over time you’ll know that your elevator is conserving what used to be wasted energy and helping in your effort to keep your building green. 
SCR - For DC Motors
They are still out there, elevators running with DC motors. We still build elevator controllers for these types of applications utilizing a solid state SCR Drive. We also use PLC Based logic, encoder feed back and recommend you installing a new line isolation transformer to ensure that noise and interference is kept to a minimum. There’s still a market for DC controllers, it’s just not as large as for VVVF AC elevators.

Features & Options
Microprocessor Control (PLC)
CJA utilizes the best software and PLC’s to achieve the best performance for your elevator. Each Control System has a “brain” which contains a non volatile memory program that cannot be erased in the event of a power outage.
Microprocessor control allows CJA to upgrade programs in the future to allow for code changes and new elevator requirements. We also manufacture controllers using PLC’s that are industrial type. One of the most popular among the ones we build with is Allen Bradley. 
Relay Logic 
Need Relay Logic? We still make them. Keep in mind that the price of a Relay based system when compared to a Microprocessor based system is actually more due to an increased number of relays and time involved with manufacturing and testing the controller. Also note that certain Fire Service Codes are not available with this type of logic, and Single Automatic Pushbutton operation can only be accommodated with elevators over three floors. Ideal for elevator speeds under 100 Feet Per Minute and using motor controls that are anything but VVVF. Perfect in some cases for like for like repair replacements.
Touchscreen Diagnostics
CJA Microprocessor control systems come equipped with touch screen controls for monitoring the elevator and reporting faults of the system, such as bad door interlock contacts. Each LCD screen is easy to navigate through and also allows the mechanic the ability to change simple parameters such as door timing and alternative floor for fire service.  This is a standard feature on all PLC based controllers.
Easy to Wire Terminal Blocks
Easy to view and wire terminal blocks make wiring a breeze. We specifically use easy to wire blocks to help with wiring.
Controller Air Conditioners & Heaters
We can upon request provide cabinet cooled air conditioners to prevent damage to both microprocessor and solid state motor controls for excessively hot machine rooms. Available in NEMA 1, 4/12 and 4X, we can easily provide them should you require one. Each unit is wired directly in to the control system and comes with a manually adjusted thermostat. Heaters are also available for colder climates as well.
Motor Control
Constant Pressure, Car Switch, Single Speed, Two Speed, Hydraulic, Variable Frequency Variable Voltage or DC SCR Applications. We can manufacture your controller for any horsepower or elevator speed you need. This is dependent upon what type of system you have.
These are just a few of the many features available to you when you purchase a CJA Control System. Each control system is built to your job specifications and tested prior to shipping.

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