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Directional and Traveling Lanterns

A requirement by the Americans with Disabilities Act, each of our hall and car directional lanterns is equipped
with a 2.5” wide illuminating arrow.  These can be mounted vertically or horizontally above the elevator door entrance
or just to the side of it. These units indicate the direction the elevator is traveling.

Our NEMA 7 castings are available in Surface or Flush mount.  

These units are manufactured with LED illumination to cut down on re-lamping.


• Explosion Proof LED miniature pilot lights

• Any Voltage

• Cast Copper Free Aluminum Enclosures

• Available For NEMA 4 As Well

• LED bulb with 1000,000 hours operating life under normal conditions

• EXTRA bright LED bulb is five times brighter than our competitors

• Glass tube construction with ground outside allows for wider viewing angle of up to 130 degrees

• Universal bulb for AC and DC applications

• Lens diameter is 3/16"

Each directional lantern comes ready to install.  LED miniature pilot light, cover plate and enclosure are standard for each unit. 
Please note we are unable to provide chimes due to the explosion proof rating of these devices but we can provide a horn.

Also note that the size of these fixtures are quite large.  You may not have room to place in the jamb of an elevator. 
Other possible mounting locations include the back of the elevator as long as it is visible from the hallway. 
You can also meet ADA by mounting one lantern at each floor elevator entrance.

If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link, 
or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.





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