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Communication Stations

Handset Type Phones
Class 1, Division 1
Standard handset type telephones that meet the requirements of Class 1, Division 1 - NEMA 7/9. 
These heavy duty units can be mounted on any wall or inside a telephone cabinet. 
Class 1, Div. 2
For Class 1, Division 2 atmospheres, the EP600 telephone provides a safe, reliable and flexible solution.
These are surface mount units.
NEMA 4X Cabinets
We offer water, corrosion and dust tight cabinets for a variety of applications. What you put in them is up to you,
electrical or non-electrical.  Each heavy duty hinged door and handle assembly can take a beating.
Cabinets are available with braille markings and/or locking handle and can have custom engraving.
ADA Auto Dialing
This communication station is a surface mounted fixture designed to meet ADA and other communication requirements.
The only ADA communication station that meets the requirements of Class 1, Division 1, NEMA 7/9,
this unit is line powered and is easy to program. When the button is pushed it calls up to two separate
emergency numbers and provides both receivers with a voice message, programmed by customer, to announce
location and emergency.
NEMA 7 Intercom
The only explosion proof push to talk intercom system on the market! Simply mount each unit, connect our DLE-200 module,
which requires 110 VAC power and you’re set!
If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link,
or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.
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