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Classic Car Station Style #1 - Granular/Textured Black Colored Inlay (Various Color Options)

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Classic Antique Fixture - Style #1
By far our most popular Classic Fixture Line, Style #1 incorporates smooth lines and features of today with the look of yesterday. Whether you’re outfitting a personal residential elevator or a “high rise” stop condo we can provide a classic package that will please your client.
These solid cast fixtures have the look and feel of yesterday. Each is about .375” thick and is precision machined to accommodate the features you require.
Style #1 Car Station has 2 different overall dimensions options 12" Wide and 55" Long and 8.875" Wide by 41" Long.  Although due to the pouring process the dimensions may vary slightly.   
Reproducing History
C.J. Anderson has been helping restore historic buildings throughout the world. Whether a private residence, classic hotel, government building or national landmark, reproducing and restoring original fixtures is our specialty.

We can bring any elevator up to current elevator and ADA code requirements illuminated buttons, braille, emergency lights, fire service, hands free communication, telephone cabinets, service cabinets, etc. while retaining the historic look of the building. The buttons can be made in a variety of finishes as well as brass and stainless steel.

If you have an existing fixture plate or dial indicator we can reproduce it by either casting the plate or having a new pattern made. We enjoy working on special projects concerning our nation’s history. Please contact us if you are working on a project that is a historic treasure. If you have photographs you can e-mail us at we can better assist with what options you have. Once we view the photographs we can proceed with pricing.

The Antique Fixture Process
CJA manufactures a complete line of solid cast fixtures for the elevator industry. Some of these fixtures are a carry-over from the days when castings were the only way to make fixtures. Others have been developed in answer to architect’s and building owner’s restoration demands and most recently we have seen an emerging market for new construction.

Because there has been such a resurgence of this line of fixtures we are only showing some of the variations being made and a number of the face plate styles available now.

The design and construction of the Classic Fixtures line is a combination of the following:

Material - The fixtures can be either solid cast yellow brass, bronze, or aluminum.

Materials/Textures Available
These are available in the following materials. 
• Yellow Brass / Antiqued Yellow Brass 
• Light Antique Bronze / Antiqued Bronze 
• Aluminum

Color Inlays - 
• Canyon Black - 7946
• Midnight Blue - 7943
• Light Sage - 7937
• Colonial Red - 7925
• Iris Blue - 7933
• Antique Blue - 7967
• London Gray - 7948
• Hunt Club Green - 7944
• Navajo White
• Sunburst Orange
Have a custom color you’re trying to match? Send us a sample and we can have it color matched by our paint department. Just give us a call.
If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link, 
or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.
Click here for a link to CJA Style #1 Colored Inlay Fixtures
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