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Car Switch Stainless Steel Car Station

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The FC-2A Car Switches are designed for modernization, new installations, or as direct replacements for any car switch presently being used. They are manufactured to operate from one to ten speed accelerations, AC or DC applications, and come with single or two separate commons for Up/Down operation.

The FC-2A has a “dead man’s” switch which automatically returns to the neutral position when the handle is released. This is accomplished through the use of weights accurately positioned to cause the switch to self center by gravitation, eliminating any reliance on springs. These car switches also have a safety centering latch which prevents accidental starting of the car. To operate, it is necessary to correctly grasp the handle and release the latch. For select applications micro re-leveling is included. All of these features improve the safety of car switch operation.

The FC-2A comes with a standard light switch, stop switch and car direction speed increments. Many other features are available, such as: Alarm, MG switch and lens, Fan, On/Off switch and keyed Lock-Out switch. The face plates can be stainless steel or bronze, custom engraved, and built for specific space or aesthetic requirements.


     • Variuos Speed acceleration
     • Single or two separate commons
     • “Dead Man’s” switch
     • Safety centering latch
     • Micro re-leveling
     • Any switches, lens, buttons, etc. needed
     • Speed increments
     • Stainless Steel or Bronze Face Plates
     • Custom engraving
     • Flush or Surface mounting


While we don't show them here, we can manufacture a custom annunciator panel with microprocessor logic. This will replace any flag or relay type announciator in the field today. include one with your next car switch order!

*Other sizes and shapes are available.  Just call with your requirements.

If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link, 

or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910.  

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