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Car Switches & Car Switch Controllers

CJA Car Switches come in both surface and flush mounted units and are available in a variety of speeds. Each unit has a dead man’s switch which is reliant on gravity to “spring” the handle to the 12 o’clock position or off. There are no springs in this unit to return the handle to the off position. Just heavy weights.
Elevator Operators
Before the advancement of automatic elevators they were controlled by hand and by “Elevator Operators.” These jobs were quite often considered the life blood of the building.
The elevator operators were greeters, security and the ones who knew the business of pretty much everyone in the building.
Today there are still many elevator operators in existence and for those uniquely vintage units we offer car switches, controllers, annunicators and elevator seats.
Don’t consider your elevator obsolete because it’s run by hand, consider it unique. 

Elevator Seat
Vital to any elevator operator ‘s job the “Folding Seat” helped get him through an 8-10 hour shift. Our elevator folding seat was a piece we added to our manufacturing capabilities and it’s been a popular one. The oak seat is durable and stained to either a cherry or darker mahogany. If you would prefer to stain it yourself we can provide it with a sanded finish. These are ideal for home elevators!
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Car Switch Stainless Steel Car Station
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Car Switch Stainless Steel Car Station
CJA Elevator Operator Seat
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CJA Elevator Operator Seat
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