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Car/Hall Position Indicators

Our standard NEMA 7 Car/Hall Multilight PI features heavy duty enclosures, drilled and explosion proof LED lights.  Since we engrave the cover plate we can accommodate any floor marking required, from elevation markings to floors marked with names.
These units are manufactured with LED illumination to cut down on re-lamping.


• Explosion Proof LED miniature pilot lights

• Any Voltage  

• Any number of floors  

• Custom Engraving  

• Cast Copper Free Aluminum Enclosures  

• Available For NEMA 4 As Well  

• LED bulb with 1000,000 hours operating life under normal conditions

• EXTRA bright LED bulb is five times brighter than our competitors

Glass tube construction with ground outside allows for wider viewing angle of up to 130 degrees

• Universal bulb for AC and DC applications

• Lens diameter is 3/16"

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