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ADA Push Pad Style Oversized Pushbutton Stations

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The American's with Disabilities Act addresses most accessibilities and building access issues pretty well.  However we do have clients that go above and beyond what the Act calls for.
We feel that this is a step forward in making the world a more accessible place.
Since we custom fabricate all our fixtures we can help you design the best possible solution to making your elevator more accessible.
Our custom Pad Type stations are designed to mount inside or outside the elevator and wire in parallel with the existing smaller Call Buttons.
After we review your design we'll fax you a quotation.  If the project is a Go, we will create a set of drawings for approval by you.  Once the final design is completed and approved we will begin manufacturing.
Our manufacturing capabilities allow us total control.  CNC Milling Machines, Engravers, Plasma Cutters and Waterjet Machines allow us to take your design concept and turn it into reality.  You tell us what you want and we'll make it.
Can be used as CAr Call Buttons in the Elevator, Elevator Call Buttons in the Hallway or for any application that requires additional Access without pushing a standard sized Pushbutton.  Each panel has 4 Microswithces which activate when any part of the plate is pressed.  The distance required for activation is less than .25".
  • Stainless Steel or Muntz
  • Engraved Logos or Text
  • Any Size
  • Stations ar Multivoltage
  • Can provide Vinyl Decals for high contrast
  • Any Voltage
Perfect for Elevators with Special Needs!

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