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ADA Custom Fixtures

We've been involved with some pretty unique accessibility projects over the years. From large pad type stainless steel pushbutton pads to long extended hall stations if you need it stainless steel we can fabricate it.
While we realize that the fixtures shown on this page far exceed the requirements outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act for elevators we strongly believe and are innovative in assisting building owners who have tenants who could benefit from fixtures such as these.
Pictured Left: Full Size "Push Bar" Call Buttons that were mounted inside an elevator and wired in parallel with the car operating panel floor pushbuttons. There were a total of five of this mounted on the elevator wall which made activating a floor button very easy with a wheel chair.

Another client had requested smaller type stainless steel floor buttons with high contrasting color. We fabriated and applied special weather proof 3M markings.

Picture Left: We can pretty much make any size you'd like. We can engrave floor markings where it is much more permanent and can with stand abuse much better. Or we can apply vinyl graphics with high contrasting backgrounds for the visually impaired.


Call us toll free 800-252-1910 with your specific job requirements and we can quote your project accordingly. From a rough sketch on a knapkin we can help! Give us a call today!

If you need a Fixture Quote please click the following link, 

or call our fixture team toll free at 1-800-252-1910

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Pushbar Stations
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Pushbar Stations
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